UN Group of Experts’ fallacious report cannot save DRC from its self-inflicted political problems

It is flabbergasting to see a bunch of Congolese amateurish politicians celebrating the so called United Nations Group of Experts report as a so-called diplomatic victory. One might think the flawed report will save DRC from its self-inflicted lack-of-leadership problems.

The unvalidated, uninformed, half-baked report accusing Rwanda to support M23 sent Congolese regime sycophants in wild frenzy of celebration with many on social media saying it is a diplomatic victory. A simple question one needs to ask is, they think this is a “victory” against what? What type of diplomatic competition was DRC fighting for and against who?

The real victory DRC needs now, is a victory that should deliver Congolese from shackles of mediocrity, political malaise, insecurity in its east, as well as constant plundering of its national resources with full connivance of its own mediocre politicians working as agents for overseas corporate interests.

Failure to address the causes and concerns of the M23 rebel group is in itself a big mistake which the later will always capitalize on to demand legitimacy. It will continue to be worse if government incite and abet hate speech targeting Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese whom M23 stand for and defend. No one can side with such a reckless government.

Aiding, abetting or at the very least working in collaboration with blacklisted genocidal and terrorist group- FDLR to plot against neighboring countries will not help DRC government either to win any battle whether diplomatic or conventional war against any rebellion or negative force.

To confused, troubled Congolese this is just for your information: the so-called UN Group of Experts report is a mere distraction from the real deeply ingrained problems that have been eating you up. Focus on real issues that have repeatedly haunted your nation.

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