Fugitive Rudasingwa alias REDCOM, a man with blood of innocent Rwandans on his hands can’t advise Secretary Blinken

In yet another shocking incident, one of the founders of Rwanda National Congress-RNC a notorious terrorist outfit, Theogene Rudasingwa has written to the United State’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken seeking his attention and appealing to him to hold Rwandan Head of State accountable for crimes purportedly committed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

First and foremost, before reminding fugitive Rudasingwa about Rwanda being a sovereign country which doesn’t function in the armpit of the US; the public needs to know who’s invoking Secretary Blinken.

The Rwandan government has set the record straight that it’s not responsible for DRC issues. The leadership failure, lack of functional institutions, insecurity and reckless, irresponsible leaders in the war-torn country has and will never be a responsibility of Rwanda.

For Rudasingwa and anyone to think that the United States should reprimand Rwanda for whatever mess happening in DRC would be sheer madness, a mistake that the US a country of its caliber would never commit.

Rudasingwa being an ally of the blacklisted genocidal and terrorist group-FDLR, intently omitted to say a thing about the dreaded militia. It’s on a record that FDLR has been a common denominator whenever insecurity issues arise in the Great Lakes Region. As revealed by various United Nations Group of Experts report, FDLR has committed various atrocities including massacres, raping women and young girls, looting mineral resources and recruiting child soldiers which amount to crimes against humanity punishable by both DRC domestic and international laws.

More so, something very critical that should be brought to Secretary Blinken’s attention is the ongoing unholy alliance between FDLR and the Congolese armed forces-FARDC. The latter has been fully backing the former to stage armed attacks on the Rwandan soil.

In its plot to sabotage the recent CHOGM summit held in Rwanda, FDLR and FARDC jointly fired rockets in Rwanda claiming innocent armed civilians and destroy property. In other provocative incidents, a Congolese soldier opened fire at the Rwandan border security officers not forgetting the abduction of two Rwandan soldiers on patrolling duties along the border. All incidents constitute International crimes against Rwanda.

Fugitive Rudasingwa being a conman and opportunist he’s, the confused criminal left out tangible facts that has led to tensions between two countries. As the Rwandan government stressed time without number, peace in the region won’t be realized until the International Community takes the FDLR issues seriously.

Rudasingwa best known for his nickname “REDCOM” which he earned for his extortion gambit back during his Makerere University days; the unscrupulous Redcom (who brands himself a political refugee) fled the country after his failure to adhere to Rwanda’s accountability principles. Rudasingwa abused powers and office in various high government positions he held.

As a member of RNC, fugitive Rudasingwa together with terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, orchestrated and coordinated grenade attacks in the Rwandan capital Kigali which took over 22 innocent Rwandan citizens and maimed over 400 others including the destruction of property.

The unethical “scholar” Rudasingwa stole millions of money through illegal tenders, unlawfully acquired huge bank loans earned out of intimidation by using his position in government, land grabbing and money laundering scandals. A man of such track record has no audacity to address secretary Blinken.

If Blinken was to meet fugitive Rudasingwa today, would take him to court to answer his terrorism charges rather than advising him on how to handle Rwanda- DRC matters.

Rudasingwa has no moral authority to discuss human rights, as a fugitive who has evaded justice, he should first answer his terror charges before positioning himself as “freedom” activist. His victims’ justice is yet to be delivered.

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