Victims of Rusesabagina’s terror attacks want their voices heard by the visiting US Secretary of State Blinken

As all is set for the United States Secretary of State’s visit to Rwanda next week, more than 90 victims of attacks carried out by the convicted terrorist Paul Rusesabagina’s FLN terror outfit appeal to the US top diplomat to consider meeting them up to learn about their untold plight.

Blinken is due to jet into Rwanda for a two-day visit on August 9, however, his pre-announced itinerary does not mention whether he will meet the victims of terrorist Rusesabagina’s attacks. Meeting victims provides them with an opportunity to counter the widespread narrative sanitizing terrorist Rusesabagina as a “hero”.

International mainstream media outlets are flooded with articles amplifying Rusesabagina sympathizers’ innocence rhetorics calling for his release notwithstanding the gravity of crimes he committed against Rwanda; a campaign that got an endorsement from some politicians from the US.

However, the victims through one of their lawyers, petitioned Blinken to reverse the status quo and stop portraying the perpetrator as the victim. Human rights can’t be discussed while disregarding his terror acts that left scores dead, hundreds maimed and property looted.

The victims wonder why the world puts emphasis on Rusesabagina and leaves behind his 20 accomplices whom were convicted together. In their testimonies during the trial, they pleaded guilty and pinned Rusesabagina as their main funder and leader.

History won’t forget that Rusesabagina, the then “Commander-in-Chief” of MRCD-FLN launched a series of armed attacks on Rwanda soil that claimed the lives of 11 unarmed innocent Rwandans between 2018 and 2019. Besides fatalities, many injuries were recorded let alone several properties that were destroyed. If anything Secretary Blinken should push for the victims’ compensation.

It’s noteworthy that during his trial, terrorist Rusesanagina regretted his terror acts and sought forgiveness from those affected.

On the other hand, the Government of Rwanda has made it clear that the arrest and conviction of Rusesabagina were lawful in accordance with Rwandan and International laws as opposed to unfounded claims by his sympathizers who sanctify the convicted terrorist.

Given the fact that terrorist Rusesabagina is also a US permanent resident, Secretary Blinken should use his position to expedite the victims’ compensations worth over $400million.

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