Violence against the United Nations in Congo further proof that Congolese issues are internal

The United Nations peacekeeping force in DRC (MONUSCO) is under attack by Congolese looters and rioters, that also work for Tshisekedi regime. Deaths of Monusco staff have already been reported. This is exactly what objective people have been saying: the problem of Congo is Tshisekedi and his weak leadership, therefore those are internal Congolese problems.

Congolese regime officials and their propaganda have been smearing and tarnishing Rwanda, accusing Rwanda of “backing the M23” with concocted stories. This is followed by the harassment of Congolese Tutsi citizens, who have been hunted, tortured, or killed in unspeakable ways.

All this time, MONUSCO kept silent and even continued to support the Congolese army, FARDC, despite their full knowledge that FARDC had integrated FDLR, a genocidaires outfit designated internationally as a terrorist organization. MONUSCO never made their presence felt as FARDC and FDLR hunted down innocent Congolese Tutsi citizens in Goma, Uvira, Bukavu, Kalemie, Maniema and elsewhere, despite MONUSCO mandate to protect all Congolese nationals.

Now, it is MONUSCO’s turn to be on the receiving end. MONUSCO perhaps thought that by keeping silent about the truth on the absence of leadership in Congo and the lies peddled against Rwanda, they will be in peace, to keep colluding as usual with FARDC or FDLR. They know little about those groups!

Ironically, as the violence targeted the UN force, they have been welcomed to the safety of the Rwandan side – the very country they have been colluding against. Will this serves as a vital lesson to MONUSCO, to actually do something useful? Time will tell.

Since early this year, the situation in Congo has gone from bad to worse, as Tshisekedi’s weak, poor leadership looks on with DRC disintegrates into full blown anarchy. As is the wont of Congolese leaders every time it is election time and they have nothing to justify their acute systemic failures, they seek to use Rwanda as the scapegoat.

The elections are around the corner and Congolese leaders find themselves with nothing to show the voters, including the fact that they have failed to honor agreements with the M23 concerning their reintegration into the political and military institutions as well as repatriating all refugees who have been living in refugee camps for more than two decades now.

For now, nobody know what direction DRC will take.

But the world should note what Tshisekedi and his henchmen have done, in attacking a United Nations agency. It constitutes an international crime.

Watch this space,

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