Tshisekedi incites violence against UN peacekeepers in ploy to cover up his incompetence ahead of elections

Days after futile attempts to label Rwanda as “the root cause of instability in the Eastern Congo”, the Tshisekedi regime has now resorted to accusing the UN force in DRC (MONUSCO) of the very same allegations that had failed to hold water with Rwanda. It just shows that Tshisekedi and his regime will always loudly cry wolf, yet they themselves are the problem.

Now, Tshisekedi’s ruling political party, UDPS, through its youth league, unleashed its youthful mobs to wreak havoc on MONUSCO premises in a series of coordinated violent attacks. They were demanding that the UN peacekeepers to pack their things and leave the country.

Some of the reasons that Tshisekedi’s mobs are advancing include that the UN troops is the “root causes” of insecurity in the Eastern Congo. Let the world see this failure of leadership in Congo!

Tshisekedi whose modus operandi of changing position as the chameleon changes its colours is keen to leverage every single opportunity to lure naïve and gullible Congolese nationals into endorsing his candidacy in the forthcoming presidential elections.

The truth is that Kinshasa has been steadfastly ignoring the impetus behind the current mayhem: the rampant internal conflicts and inability to address them as well as DR Congo’s unholy alliance with the blacklisted genocidal and terrorist group-FDLR, what Tshisekedi and his UDPS are doing is a mere diversion that will eventually boomerang on them.

The Congolese regime chief ought to abide by regional-grown solutions that include the EAC Heads of State conclave and the Luanda Tripartite Summit roadmap’s provisions on the pacification of the eastern Congo; inciting violence against the blue helmet will only exacerbate the situation.

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