The untold story why Tshisekedi directed violent rioters against MONUSCO

The honeymoon between FARDC/FDLR and the UN peacekeeping force in DRC (MONUSCO) is over now, and things have subsequently fallen apart violently.

It all started with the ongoing Congolese Civil war that pits the country’s army-FARDC and FRDLR genocidal forces on one side, against the M23 movement on another. MONUSCO as usual for its strange reasons was on the side of FARDC/FDLR.

The Tshisekedi regime – which has been running a smear campaign against Rwanda – tried to coopt MONUSCO, into going ahead to endorse Congo regime propaganda that “Rwanda supports M23, and therefore is behind insecurity in DRC!” But this was a lie too big even for MONUSCO to repeat. They refused. So, the Kinshasa regime became vindictive against the UN force.

In fact MONUSCO went ahead to set the record straight, that there was no evidence that “Rwanda supports M23 in any way, shape, or form.” The UN Group of Experts report later repeated the same facts. The group’s investigations concluded that there was no Rwandan soldier in M23 and Rwanda did not supply any military ammunition to the Congolese rebel movement. Tshisekedi failed again. So, he lost his cool, and opted to mete out retribution against MONUSCO, while accusing it of the very same allegations he has been hurling against Rwanda.

Tshisekedi’s ruling political party, UDPS, through its youth league, unleashed violent mobs to wreak havoc on MONUSCO premises, in a series of coordinated violent attacks. They even wanted to roast UN staff!

But little does Tshisekedi know that the world is watching him as he incites his violent mobs, committing serious crimes against UN forces. Something has to be done urgently as far as accountability is concerned. ICC should consider launching investigations into the current happenings in the conflict-torn country. Most importantly international tribunals should thoroughly investigate crimes of genocide and other crimes against humanity that Tshisekedi has targeted against Tutsi Congolese citizens.

He has to be held accountable

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