DRC officials scapegoat Rwanda after failing the accountability test

When we say that Congolese authorities have failed the accountability test, it is a fact that should not be ignored. During his interview on Jeune Afrique, Christophe Lutundula, the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of foreign affairs of DRC shamelessly said that Rwanda wants space for acquiring UK Asylum seekers. That its the reason why Rwanda is invading DRC so that they can annex some of its parts to Rwanda.

It is the new low that DRC officials have hit after openly running away from the core responsibilities of protecting their nation.

DRC government, through both its military spokesperson in DRC’s North Kivu and its foreign affairs minister, are into the blame games of accusing Rwanda of sending its troops to DRC and helping the M23 to capture some parts of eastern DRC. This is after failing to prioritize their country’s security, by disassociating their military with hostile rebel groups that have turned their nation into a genocidaires’ hub.

A very laughable statement from a Minister of foreign affairs like Lutundula, and of course that statement means that the Congolese authorities are spreading propaganda aimed to victimize themselves instead of showing the world the root Couse of the problem

The armed conflict between the FARDC and the M23 is not new in eastern DRC. It has been an on-and-off situation for close to a decade now. And this is part of the problems that have blighted the region for decades.

On the other hand, Rwanda has kept silent to all these unfounded allegations and severe provocations by the Government of DRC and has remained committed to protecting its territorial integrity since the FARDC and their allies, the FDLR, have severally attempted to violate it.

Running away from their responsibilities, fabricating lies, and spreading childish propaganda by DRC top authorizes will not solve the internal problems in DRC.

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