Irresponsibility of Congolese authorities, the impetus behind DRC’s false accusations against Rwanda – FACTS

President Kagame has revealed how the Tshisekedi regime steadfastly ignored the elephant in the room: the rampant internal conflicts and inability to address them as well as DR Congo’s unholy alliance with FDLR – the notorious group born of ex-FAR and Interahamwe genocidaires.

The president was early this week speaking exclusively in an interview with Zain Verjee, a host at the ongoing Qatar Economic Forum, which is powered by Bloomberg.

In the interview, the Rwandan Head of State let the cat out of the bag that his Congolese counterpart chose to ignore the real issues hindering the relations between the two countries and diverted attention to Rwanda that it supports the M23 rebel group, especially in the ongoing civil war pitting the FARDC and the former.

“Making those accusations is simply running away from his responsibilities as the president of that country,” noted President Kagame, he added that the issue of the M23 “can be addressed. If you look at the rights of people, fixing their problem is a simple matter.”

On the other hand, the leadership of Rwanda has maintained a quiet, diplomatic stance amidst ceaseless provocations, insults, and slanders from Kinshasa by urging the Congolese authorities to endeavor to address its failures, as well as the rampant internal conflicts. Rwanda has indeed maintained her calm, as conflict benefits no one.

Congo should therefore be borrowing lessons, to address the real issues and avoid falsely casting blames on Rwanda because the country does not benefit from DR Congo’s instabilities.

The DR Congo will only have peace when its leaders own up and take responsibilities, it’s up to them not their neighbors to bring peace and order in their country

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