Thousands of Congolese Tutsis are at risk of death in Kinshasa and elsewhere as DRC authorities dramatize a single “arrest”

A video clip posted online showing what was meant to look like the arrest of a man, who also appeared in another video clip a few days ago reading a list of what he called “Rwandan infiltrators” in Kinshasa, pointing them out to be picked and killed. It turns out that the man’s name is Jules Kalubi Mbuyamba, a senior cadre of the Congolese president’s party, UDPS, and the party’s chief communicator.

However, upon keen examination of the clip, you could see that there was something fishy about his ‘arrest’ on camera. Judging from his body language, his prosecution, reading of his charge sheet, and judgment all in one go on camera left everyone shaking their heads.

The Congolese version of Kantano of 1994 was seen crying loudly as if he had already been sentenced – to death. You could hear the whistles from the background of someone whistling to direct him on how to act for the camera. Also, as he sat down crying, he was in handcuffs, but as he was being transported to no-body-knows-where, he walked free, with swag. Another suspicious element is that when this genocide inciter was reading out the list, he had dozens of people behind him who were chorusing his readings.

Why was he arrested alone? Where is the senior police officer who made a very clear call to genocide against Congolese Tutsi and Rwandophones? How about the hundreds of young men seen clad in UDPS paramilitary attire roaming the prowling Kinshasa streets with machetes, searching vehicles for Congolese Tutsis to kill? How about those who killed Congolese Tutsis in Kalima, Walikale, Lubumbashi, and Kisangani and are still killing and searching for those hiding?

Without a doubt, this ‘arrest’ was a theatre piece meant to dupe the international community to distract them from taking action to stop the ongoing genocide. As all this is happening, Congolese Tutsis are either in hiding or locked up in their homes anticipating death with every fall of darkness. They cannot venture out to shop for food or water because the marauding gangs are always watching the streets, waiting to pounce on any Congolese Tutsi in sight

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