RNC Mouthpiece Himbara begins 2022 with concocted fictions about Railways

It should not come as a surprise that somethings will remain constant in 2022. The RNC propagandist paid by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro to smear Rwanda will continue his hostile propaganda with fake news. This year, he begins with a big fat lie about a joint Rwanda-Tanzania railway project.

On hearing news that Tanzania had secured funding for an internal railway route between Dar Es Salaam and Mwanza, the RNC mouthpiece jubilates claiming the Rwanda-Tanzania railway connection would therefore not happen. Either Himbara’s skipped geography classes or the troll takes his readers for fools. A railway route has multiple destinations and internal routes usually connect to external ones.

For Dar Es Salaam to connect to Mwanza via railway, the route would pass from Mwaza to Shinyanga, Isaka, Tabora and branch eastbound to Dar Es Salaam via Dodoma and other towns. The Rwanda-Tanzania route connects in Isaka and the most recent joint presidential announcement on the subject dates in August 2021 when the Tanzania Head of State visited Rwanda.

Himbara, a fraudster that changed his name from Murunganwa to sneak into University, ought to know that normal heads of states do not behave like his sponsor Museveni who lies to Kenya on a joint oil pipeline. He caused untold economic woes to his neighboring country by suddenly changing the pipeline route after feasibility studies and compensation paid out to those that would be impacted by the Uganda-Kenya pipeline. The RNC mouthpiece should know that normal Heads of States keep their promises locally and internationally.

For 2022, Himbara continues his pointless smearing on behalf of his dishonest sponsor Museveni in his effort to destabilize Rwanda. Murunganwa, the stooge, has not managed to reach his goal of smearing Rwanda for now 12 years. This year, and all other years to come, will not be different; his smear campaign will fail.

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