In futile attempt to attack State of the Nation Address, Himbara exposes his total disorientation on Rwanda

RNC mouthpiece and pathological liar David Himbara aka Murunganwa, tasked by his paymasters Museveni and Rujugiro to concoct daily anti-Rwanda smears, thought he would distort what the President of Rwanda said in his State of the Nation address. But Murunganwa as usual only had his foot in his mouth.

The fraudster attempted to cast doubt on Rwanda’s economic recovery and the contribution of digitization to the recovery. What Museveni’s paid lie machine avoided to mention is the fact that Rwanda’s economy is projected to grow by over 10 per cent in 2021, marking a bounce back from recession.

In fact, the World Bank Country Director for Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia and Uganda, Keith Hansen recently expressed firm optimism that Rwanda would be able to return to its growth path and lauded the government national economic strategy for continued transformation to towards middle income status.

Being fraudster that he is, Himbara failed to note that this shift in economic growth was largely influenced by the government’s policy of digitization.

He gives away his evil intentions by begging Rwanda to open the border with Uganda by trying to claim it was a bad decision, suspiciously dodging the mention of the real reasons behind the border closure. Ofcourse, by so doing he would be he would be exposing the fact that Museveni has been caught red handed funding and arming terrorist groups bent on destabilising Rwanda. Himbara also would never mention the fact that Museveni continues to persecute Rwandans living or transiting through Uganda, in addition to regional trade sabotage. But to earn his paycheque Murunganwa has to spin lies even when he knows anybody would see through them.

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