RNC mouthpiece Himbara dances with the “Rusesabagina-extraordinary-rendition” lie

David Himbara, a fellow that was born utterly devoid of a sense of shame, or dignity is repeating the tired lie of the apologists of terrorist convict Rusesabagina, that the latter was “extraordinarily renditioned.”

The RNC chief mouthpiece (Museveni and Rujugiro are his paymasters to spew a steady stream of anti-Rwanda smears) repeats, again and again, the propaganda which started as “Rusesabagina was kidnapped”, and has now become “extraordinary rendition.” Rusesabagina’s apologists probably think adopting a fancy term from US military terminology will somehow help his case. Funny enough, it is the US that’s most prolific at “extraordinarily renditioning” those wanted as terrorists.

So, Himbara, a failure and fraudster that forged his academic credentials, is running with a lie that will in fact end up further drawing attention to Rusesabagina’s terrorist acts, or pronouncements, all public moreover.

Himbara then snivels that “the Rwandan president is damaged goods in the US”, as if Himbara is the ombudsman of what is, or isn’t “damaged goods!”

In any case, who told Murunganwa aka Himbara that anyone’s opinions about the Rwandan leadership matters more than that of Rwandans?

Poor Murunganwa, he is the one that’s damaged goods, with all the illegal substances he ingests.

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