RNC Mouthpiece agitating for a diplomatic incident between Rwanda and UK

David Himbara, the RNC terrorist mouthpiece on Museveni and Rujugiro payroll, is doing his best to spark a diplomatic row between Rwanda and UK. After jumping on the bandwagon of calls for UK not to accredit Rwanda’s envoy, the mouthpiece is now saying that the envoy may end up seeking asylum if he is not accredited.

This is typical for the RNC mouthpiece, he quickly turns around and backtracks whenever he senses that his smear has failed. Himbara is jealous, and secretly reminisces of being a government official. He opted to join the RNC terrorist organization and ended up in exile slaving his last days in a smear campaign. What makes him think that those who made the honorable choice of patriotism and loyalty will end like him?

His satirical innuendos that the person they don’t want to be accredited as Rwanda’s envoy in UK will seek asylum is nothing but a mere projection of his own wrong choices. Just like he opted to sneak into university by changing his name from Murunganwa to Himbara after failing his high school; Himbara has to live with his treason for the rest of his life. His best bet, now, is to ask RNC to nominate him “Ambassador” to the Rwagitura kingdom.

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