RNC Mouthpiece Himbara playing CMI-RNC tunes as a Museveni-Rujugiro spokesperson

If anyone ever doubted that David Himbara aka Murunganwa is a Museveni and Rujugiro’s mouthpiece, his latest propaganda post on RDF proves it beyond reasonable doubt. With Museveni’s CMI controlled online propaganda in overdrive trying to capitalize on their latest adventure in Eastern DR Congo, Himbara jumps in full support of his sponsor’s narrative. They are desperate to turn their supposedly “ADF” hunt in Congo into a muscle flexing show for Rwanda to notice.

The RNC mouthpiece and his sponsors know well that Rwanda is powerful for them. After every expedition sent to attack Rwanda is well managed and vivid memories of their defeat in Kisangani, they have limited options in their anti-Rwanda efforts. Museveni sectarianism tricks in Uganda that allow him to divide and rule and the propaganda of bombing inhabited forests in Congo is all they have left in their arsenal.

In reality, they have panicked about RDF capabilities shown in Mozambique, Central African Republic, South Sudan and elsewhere. This is why their RNC propagandist Himbara resorts to his old trick of amplifying Ugandan regime propaganda to divide Rwandans on the basis of where one grew up, or sought refuge from earlier genocidal regimes that used to rule Rwanda while simultaneously working with the same genocidaires that segregated Rwanda. Indeed, Museveni has offered RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana training, arms, money, passports and logistics support to them via his CMI and extremist Parmehutu ideologues like Philemon Mateke and others.

But whatever Museveni does; whatever groups he works with; whatever posturing they do by carpet bombing Congolese jungles, they certainly cannot made Rwanda panic. Himbara’s claims that Rwanda is panicking are mere wishful thinking, by a fake “analyst” that even faked his academic credentials. Nothing “analytical” about him at all!

If they want to find out about who panics, let them cross known red lines near. They will miserably loose against Rwanda as they always do!

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