RNC Mouthpiece David Himbara Caught Using Unethical Tabloid for Museveni Sponsored Anti-Rwanda Propaganda

David Himbara aka Murunganwa –Museveni and Rujugiro’s RNC mouthpiece– has moved to bullying anyone with a different opinion on Rwanda. After failing to convince anyone with his propaganda, Himbara is now in full swing with personal attacks on UK MP Andrew Mitchell. In 2017, Andrew Mitchell on BBC newsnight debunked Himbara’s lies and now in 2021. It took 4 years for Museveni’s mouthpiece to figure out how to respond.

In the BBC program, Himbara lied the UK government “dumped” British taxpayer’s money as budget support to Rwanda and that funds were not audited. Mitchell, as the former Secretary of State for International Development, immediately corrected Himbara’s baseless accusation by politely stating “David is actually wrong on that [claim of general budget support]”. What Mitchell might not have known at the time, is that Himbara was actually heavily bankrolled propagandist.

Museveni and Rujugiro gave at least US $440,000 to Himbara for his anti-Rwanda propaganda. The amount is known because the lobbying firm he hired, Podesta, had to publish its foreign clients account.

Using a tabloid named Unherd, described by media professionals as the “worst kind of journalism”, Himbara had the audacity to question legitimate transactions when he refused to disclose how he paid US $440,000 to Podesta. The genuine question is, how much did he pay Unherd?

Fact is, Himbara, aka Murunganwa, could only have raised US $440,000 from Museveni and Rujugiro. At the end of the day, with such amounts of moneys, Unherd will write just about anything.

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