RNC mouthpiece Himbara confirms he is a desperate attention seeker

Paid by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro to smear Rwanda, David Himbara aka Murunganwa constantly fakes death threats and assassination plots claiming that Rwanda is after him from his self-imposed exile in Canada. But now the fraud has inadvertently debunked all his fake tales of “threats by Rwanda” with a visit to Rwanda’s stand at the Dubai expo.

Imagine the Canadian Police’s reaction after wasting their time investigating Himbara’s hoaxes! The RNC mouthpiece even once wrote that “the Canadian Police advised him to stay away from Rwandans” for his safety. Yet here he is, showing off on his social media accounts how he has travelled to Dubai to visit the Rwanda stand. It proves beyond doubt that Himbara is a fraudster and a desperate attention seeker.

All his imaginary plots were fabricated as part of his paymaster Museveni’s hostile propaganda against Rwanda. Nothing is genuine with “Himbara” who changed his name from Murunganwa after failing high school to fraudulently get into University. Although one feels like saying, “we told you so”, to those that might have believed his hoax; it is suffice simply to point out that only the most gullible believes anything Murunganwa says.

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