Himbara the RNC mouthpiece has false hopes that COVID-19 will salvage their lost cause

RNC mouthpiece David Himbara has had one objective since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic: how to use the virus to smear Rwanda, always. While the globe is busy trying to contain the virus, Himbara sings a different hymn. One can imagine the pleasure this old man would derive had Covid-19 ravaged Rwanda.

But, alas for him, Rwanda has done a great job containing the virus. So Himbara is reduced only to his fantasies.

He rejoiced when the first case was announced in Rwanda, no doubt thinking the pandemic would massacre Rwandans (obviously waiting to proclaim: “Kigali has failed!”)

Things haven’t turned out that way. It is Himbara instead that has failed with his cockamamie predictions. What can he do? He is reduced to celebrating travel restrictions!

Every country reacted differently to the pandemic, and Rwanda’s response to the pandemic was exemplary. The country followed all WHO guidelines, including strategic lockdowns, and has managed to control the pandemic. Himbara and his clique of anti-Rwanda propagandists were angered by the fact that Rwanda had, once again, been held as an example to follow.

When the UK, in a bad faith move, announced that it had added Rwanda to a list of countries restricted for travel, Himbara thought he had seen victory. He crowed, believing that the smear campaigns of anti-Rwanda elements like him had succeeded in turning UK against Rwanda.

However this was in no way different than happenings in other parts of the globe. (And after all travel restrictions are arbitrary in certain cases and can easily be lifted – so Himbara is only clutching at straws).

In other cases, the US at some point restricted all flights, including the EU. Flights from Italy were banned to UK. Yet all these countries continued to support each others throughout the pandemic. Diplomatic relations cannot be influenced by drunk propagandists like Himbara. Rwanda and other countries continue to work together to defeat the pandemic, and cooperation is yielding positive results. Vaccines, drugs, and research are starting to defeat the COVID-19 virus.

But what Himbara (and the entire RNC cabal) will keep worrying about is that the world also cooperates in eradicating terrorist organizations. Just like a virus, information and law enforcement officials work together to eradicate the scourge. Countries share arrest warrants, and extradite wanted fugitives. That’s why their terrorist RNC leader Kayumba Nyamwasa is holed up somewhere in South Africa, and can’t move. He is frightened of an impending arrest.

And whatever smears they concoct against Rwanda, the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

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