David Himbara “hating” as Rwanda step forward into becoming an African financial hub

The news that Westbridge Mortgage, a Canadian firm will be setting up in Rwanda its holding company to oversee its business interests across the African continent has pushed RNC propagandist David Himbara into another rant.

Himbara claim on his propaganda blog, full of disinformation and hate against Rwanda, that “it’s a fantasy to turn Kigali into an African financial hub.”

But anyone with even the sketchiest knowledge of emerging markets in Africa knows that Rwanda has been developing effective frameworks for regulations, taxation, and capacity-building to become a conduit for multinational investment deals which will turn Kigali into an African financial hub.

Hardly a day goes by without Himbara displaying his profound resentment of Rwanda’s successes however. Even on topics he knows very little, the propagandist simply has to feign expertise.

Westbridge Mortgage knows Rwanda is ranked as one of the most transparent, business friendly environments; and that more firms that failed elsewhere will succeed in Rwanda. For example, Rwanda has initiated 24 new double taxation treaties, 13 of them on the African continent, six with Europe and the others in countries like China, South Korea, Israel, and the US.

This number of double taxation treaties is exceptional in Africa.

David Himbara should take a dose of realism. Alas, he is only a “hater” the urban lingo says!

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