An Internet rant on Rwanda by one Joan Carrero shows pervasive “Kagame obsession syndrome”

A very long rant has appeared on some obscure blog site, I think it serves well to illustrate just how bad the illness known as “Kagame obsession syndrome” has become with certain individuals, especially those whose ideology aligns with that of the long-defeated genocidaires, most who reside in Europe.

In the rant by one Joan Carrero, he tendentiously asks: “Will the EU allow Kagame to assassinate even top European diplomats?” This is the heading to a piece of writing that makes one wonder about the mental state of the author. To begin with, this person Carrero is accusing the Rwandan head of state, outright, of killing former Italian ambassador to DRC Luca Attanasio, his bodyguard, and driver last week on Monday. One will remember that the Government of the Congo issued an official statement saying it was the FDLR terror group that did it in an attempted kidnapping.

But even if Kinshasa were to say nothing about Attanasio’s death, how did Carrero arrive at his conclusion, that it was the Rwandan leader that did it?

Carrero claims that eastern DR Congo (where Attanasio died) is “de-facto” occupied by Rwanda, and therefore “in any region controlled by Kagame nothing important, much less the assassination of ‘an entire European ambassador’ is carried out without a personal decision by Kagame.” This is Carrero’s reasoning.

This is Kagame obsession syndrome at its most acute. The man has created an alternate reality in his head whereby Kagame controls territories of other, sovereign countries, and decides what happens in them.

The unhinged claim that the Rwandan president killed Attanasio paves way for a ton of similar concocted accusations most striking in their incoherence, all long discredited, all old, and all from the genocide deniers’ playbook. It’s difficult to wrap one’s mind around all this.

But above all, Joan Carrero is a genocide apologist.

This can be discerned in very many ways, beginning with the gross distortions whereby the writer blames upon the RPF the crimes perpetrated by the MRND regime. In his telling, the “RPF was a Tutsi ‘Anglo’ force sent by America and Britain to take over Rwanda.” To people like these, it must never cross anyone’s mind that the RPF was a vessel of liberation for all oppressed Rwandans. The obscurantist narrative of the Carreros, one that they will take to the grave with them, is that “the RPF was an occupying foreign force.”

It is a very useful lie from which all their other lies radiate. It is how they are able to whitewash all the atrocities of the FDLR – and before it ALIR, and before that Interahamwe and ex-FAR – and accuse the Rwandan leadership of the crimes.

In his blog Carrero not only absolves FDLR of the murder of Attanasio, he absolves the group of similar crimes – going back to 1997 when insurgents shot and killed three Spanish aid workers in northwestern Rwanda. In that attack the government of Rwanda too lost three soldiers. Every international news report, by journalists that had investigated confirmed it was Hutu rebel militias that committed the crime.

But here is Carrero, 24 years later dredging up the incident, and accusing Kagame of the crime. From there the writer, after blaming every Interahamwe, ex-FAR, and FDLR crime upon the Rwandan president, declares the only person he can compare Kagame with is Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Carrero cannot be well.

This is obviously someone that will easily regurgitate the big lie that Paul Rusesabagina – a man accused, on the strength of evidence gathered over years, some of it in his own words on video – in fact is “an innocent hero wrongly renditioned to Kigali.” He is aggrieved that Britain, the US and other western countries “are still dealing with Rwanda.” To Carrero, any statesman, such as former British PM Tony Blair that has good relations with Rwanda is just “a lackey”, a “cheap praise singer.”

But anyone that attacks Kigali, slanders Kigali; that devotes time and energy as a naysayer against the Rwandan administration, every genocidal apologist fellow, are all to be applauded.

Carrero sadly isn’t the only one afflicted with the Kagame derangement syndrome. There are many, and they spread their madness every day.

The truth however will defeat their sick propaganda in the long run.

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