Himbara’s delusional propaganda have failed him for over 10 years, 2021 will not be different

The United Nations Human Rights Universal Periodic Review (UPR) always offers meat to propagandist like David Himbara of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) terrorist group. The hostile propagandist gets false hope that his frivolous attempts to tarnish Rwanda is attainable with unilateral, non-binding statements issued in the UPR.

Himbara, feigning ignorance of how international relations work, perpetrates his anti-Rwanda smears. Now, he celebrates a very bad faith European Parliament “motion” on Rwanda Delusional, thinking it will assist his cause of destabilizing Rwanda at the behest of his Ugandan sponsors, and RNC terror group.

Himbara even tries to weaponize Rwanda’s scheduled hosting of the CHOGM Summit, pushing debunked claims of “rights abuses.” Currently Rwanda is on course to get a World Bank funding of US$ 500 Million. These are 500 Million reasons not to believe Himbara’s lies that “donors are considering sanctions.” In any case, Rwanda doesn’t operate on threats of sanctions.

As for the falsehood of “missing persons” peddled by pseudo activists with political agendas, the alleged “missing” are usually found safe and sound, or in terrorist militias sponsored by Uganda. Where Rwanda succeeds and its detractors – like Himbara – fail, is that it cares for its citizens’ rights and their well-being.

Himbara will try to tarnish Rwanda over and over again while obtaining the same result – nothing.

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