Skinny Assassin Kandiho now publicly defies Museveni’s orders

Everything in the Rwakitura dynasty of the arm-rotting dictator Museveni is falling apart that even the skinny assassin CMI boss Maj Gen Abel Kandiho has become so powerful to publicly defy Museveni’s orders.

The recent court ruling ordered the ferocious CMI to release an operative of the Internal security Agency- ISO Odongo Simon Peter who is currently on his deathbed after suffering brutal torture from Kandiho’s brainwashed goons.

In a conspicuous defiance and disobedience of Museveni, CMI agents under the orders of the raw-boned butcher Kandiho told the family of Odongo to go and cry out to the frail despot Museveni if they think there is anything he can do. Remember, the judge had earlier ruled that Odongo was detained illegally and that there was no justifiable reasons whatsoever for his continued detention.

Defying court orders has become a norm in Uganda, courts have issued various orders to release innocent people rotting in CMI dungeons including Rwandans but CMI’s Kandiho heard none of that.

This comes as a no surprise given the fact that the security climate in the Matooke Republic continues to massively deteriorate. Moreover none would be surprised in a such place where impunity has turned everyone contemptuous of the law.

It should be recalled that there is an ongoing power battle within the Rwakitura dynasty where the bony cold-blooded Kandiho has pledged allegiance to the epileptic First Lady Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi and Rwabwogo’s camp ditching the cancer-rotting dictator Museveni and his drunko Casanova son Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

The skinny tormentor Kandiho is not afraid of publicly defying Museveni’s orders given his backup support from Kataha.

Whatever happens in the lawless Rwakitura Empire derives from the fact that impunity was endorsed by Museveni and now it is evolving into total contempt of the rule of law.

It’s important to note that Odongo’s left leg which was shot by CMI goons is now rotting and releasing pus because of the bullet fragments lodged in it after he was denied a medical operation

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