CMI Troll Titus Seruga attempts to whitewash Museveni killings of Muslim Sheikhs

Once again, CMI agent Titus Seruga aka Serubwa is posting his endlessly recycled propaganda pinning Museveni killings to Rwanda. He now blames Rwanda for the killing of Ugandan Muslim Sheikhs, which is getting worse as Museveni tries to hang onto power.

As the CMI Facebook tool, Seruga is attempting to hide the fact that it was revealed recently that outspoken senior Muslim cleric, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte of Kibuli was killed with poison courtesy of Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI).

Bear in mind, Museveni also had killed Hajji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala, the former Mayor of Kampala on Sep. 26 after the latter announced his intention to run for office, as well as Dr. Abdu Anas Kaliisa, the former Secretary of the Eminent Council of Sheikhs of Uganda and chairman of the Muslim Jurist Uganda who died on Nov. 4 last year.

In addition, The CMI lapdog Seruga wants to hide how in the last ten years, his paymaster, Museveni killed 12 Muslim sheikhs for political reasons and religious intolerance linked to the ruling class in Uganda. Those killed include Sheikh Karim Sentamu, a Muslim scholar shot dead in April 2012; Abdul Kadir Muwaya, a Shiite leader gunned down at his home in eastern Uganda; Sheikh Abdulrashid Wafula, killed in eastern Uganda in 2015; Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya killed in 2015 while returning home after work; and Sheikh Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu killed in Kampala in 2016.

However hard he tries, Seruga cannot cleanse his master of these crimes.

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