CMI-RNC propagandist David Himbara takes a renowned Wall Street banker for a fool

In his uniquely and baseless hatred of the Rwandan Head of State, David Himbara, the weed-smoking callous propagandist for Uganda’s dictator Museveni, recently wrote a blog aimed at misleading people on the story regarding an investment banker named Bob Diamond who launched Atlas Mara to invest in African banking including in Rwanda because the country was scoring the best marks in business reforms and had developed high-tech internet services, a national airline, stock exchange, and roads infrastructure.

In his sheer ignorance, Himbara thinks his anti-Rwanda propaganda stunts would deceive Mr Diamond. The banker is well known as an ex-star of the wall Street investment bank Citi and golden boy, he also served as the chief executive of Barclays before starting to invest in Africa’s banking sector. The business mogul acquired two Rwandan banks through his firm Atlas Mara considering Rwanda’s milestones in doing business. That’s all that the CMI funded clown Himbara terms it a bromance between Mr. Diamond and President Paul Kagame.

Adding to the silly argument, Himbara fails to understand that the change atlas Mara is making within their operating model, moving from centralized financial services to a full-fledged investment company is the main reason why the firm has recently quitted on their Rwandan venture.

There is yet more. In Q2 2018, Atlas Mara’s accounts were in the red because of the adversely impacted by the application of the international financial reporting standard IFRS 9 on loan impairment and share price devaluation in Zimbabwe, Atlas Mara’s net income fell bottoming at $39m in that year. A portfolio review was subsequently carried out and the group decided to exit four out of seven countries of operation and Rwanda, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania was taken into consideration.

Unfortunately, the CMI paid RNC propagandist Himbara doesn’t care about the truth, he only cares about his cheques from despot Museveni for distorting facts about Rwanda’s achievements.

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