Museveni regime’s fall scares RNC agent Nuwamanya to death

One would have thought that Sulah Nuwamanya who abandoned his wife and four children in Kigali at the mercy of the Rwandan government should at least be grateful.

But no, as a narrow-minded dimwit who is myopic to figure out that the Ugandan Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI) will keep using him in their shenanigans and dump him afterward, he prefers running his mouth off on anything that he thinks would tarnish the Rwandan government’s image through Facebook.

The CMI nincompoop troll Nuwamanya has no brains, he can’t think for himself, he either repeats what Kandiho tells him to say or plagiarize what other media outlets have said

By all accounts, Nuwamanya is a stark raving mad person currently biting his nails and wondering what will happen to his life once Despot Museveni is kicked out of power which is imminent.

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