A smear attack on Rwanda, from a place where speaking Lunyankole is worth more than a Ph.D.

The Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI), agonizing to keep their brutal fear-based control on Uganda, has once again decided to distract with smear on Rwanda. Serving one of the few family-run kleptocracies left in the world that ruled Uganda for the last 35 years old regime, CMI decided to launch ethnic profiles and labels of Rwandans. However, their Hutu – Tutsi label diversion will not be enough to cover that Uganda is the only country in the world where the President has a wife who is a Minister (of sports and education), a brother and a son –both Generals – as his advisor, and other in-laws as Cabinet Ministers. Competence has no place in Uganda; it is who you are that matters, and CMI thinks the same is applicable in Rwanda.

The ruling elite proudly labels itself as the Bahima Dynasty Century “BCD” or Untouchables, killing anyone that threatens their absolute rule in Uganda. BCD controls CMI, the army, and the police directly with Abel Kandiho as head of CMI, David Muhoozi Chief of Staff of UPDF, Sabiiti Muzeyi as the real boss of the Ugandan Police. They are all members of the BCD mafia and report to the BCD “Prince” Lt-Gen. Kainerugaba Muhoozi – First son and heir-apparent. This clique will gladly massacre Ugandans demanding freedom; they constantly steal arable land for themselves and their cattle, and take anything in their sight. BCD had hoped to export its unfair system to Rwanda and still tries to do so by backing terrorist militias and genocidal forces like RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana. From Kampala, the two Muhoozis, Kandiho and Sabiiti sponsor terrorist and media attacks against Rwanda . For example, on Facebook, they used a fake account dubbed Jet Lee Sylvestre (based in Uganda according to Facebook) and a known CMI agent on Twitter by the name Cyriaque Obili for their ethnic labeling campaign. BCD, and CMI in particular, fail to understand that post-liberation Rwanda is not like Uganda.

The 1994 Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, the post-conflict reconstruction effort and the brilliant leadership that followed, created a Rwanda where colonial tribal labels are meaningless. The country is focused on reconciliation, development, and competence. Rwanda rejected divisionist ideology, nepotism, kleptocracy, and constructed a solid foundation for future generations. On the other hand, the Ugandan system is constructed on one family’s brute force to control the rest of the Country. While Ugandans –both young and old– cross in fear to the other side of the road at the sight of any law enforcement officers, in Rwanda, the opposite happens. School children, the elderly and regular citizens call law enforcement officers with confidence. Rwandans know that they will always receive assistance from their sons and daughters in uniform regardless of tribe, clan, region, etc…

Do not blame Ugandans for fearing their armed men in uniform; Sabiiti, Kandiho, and both Muhoozis regularly send police, army, and CMI officers to indiscriminately shoot and kill Ugandans threatening their BCD rule. Just last month, more than 300 Ugandans were killed by Ugandan security forces for daring to oppose the totalitarian BCD regime.

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