In Uganda security forces have killed more people than Covid19

The often confused CMI funded trolls on Facebook are again busy mouthing their idiocies on Rwanda while their paymaster Yoseri Tibuhaburwa aka Museveni is busy killing innocent Ugandans than Covid 19.

Recently, one of the CMI run Facebook account posted a piece complaining about the arrest of a journalist named Dieudonne Niyonsenga Alias Cyuma Hassan who was caught by the Rwandan Investigation Bureau on April 15, 2020, after violating Covid 19 containment measures and fighting law enforcement officers who were asking him to kindly stay home. The culprit committed crimes punishable by Rwandan laws. He was remanded in prison as he awaits his court trial to commence.

As this happens in Rwanda, the other side innocent Ugandans were shot dead in the guise of enforcing the presidential guidelines on Covid19 but CMI goons won’t tell their gullible that actually most of their people were killed by the dictator.

As CMI goons divert Ugandans attention, Museveni security forces have been killing hundreds of innocent civilians under the masks of preventing them from contracting the virus which has so far killed fewer people than those killed on the “Shoot to kill’ orders given by Museveni in his poorly laid-out strategy to prevent the spread of the virus.

CMI trolls should tell their paymaster Museveni to learn from other countries that have managed to succeed in handling the pandemic. The pandemic can’t be managed by killing innocent people. Rwanda remains a good case study for Tibuhaburwa.

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