World Bank Doing Business Report on Rwanda puts David Himbara to shame

David Himbara, a fugitive, well-known for peddling lies, phony statistics, and wishful thinking recently laid claims in a letter to the President of the world bank alleging that the world bank should change Rwanda’s global ranking in the World Bank Doing Business Report.

Anyone with an interest in starting a business in Rwanda will know for a fact that Rwanda has set up multiple reforms which have eased procedures of starting a business by reducing the time taken to start a business to one day and reducing the cost of starting a business by Rwf 90,000, This has classified Rwanda as one of the most business-friendly environments in the world.

It has become apparent that an increasingly desperate Himbara always faces embarrassments whenever he attempts to misrepresent facts about the Rwandan economy. It’s on record that Rwanda set a conducive environment for doing business which has significantly contributed to the attraction of mega foreign investments to the country.

In fairness to Himbara, he’s just a weed-smoking propagandist sponsored by Yoweri Tibuhaburwa aka Museveni. Even crazier, Himbara has always been wrong on every front when it comes to Rwandan economic performance despite all his data twisting and cajoling.

Meanwhile, things have been rough for his paymaster Museveni, and there are no sights of things getting better, world prominent business brands have refused to start their business in Uganda due to the regime’s corrupt leaders and current political turmoil.

Museveni is busy massacring innocent civilians and attempting to assassinate his main political rival Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine seen by many Ugandans as the only hope to root corruption and increase their global business rank.

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