CMI paid Sex-for-Grade professor Kambanda defends Museveni’s murderous regime

Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence-CMI sponsored sex-for-grades Professor Charles Kambanda is at it again trying to criminalize Ugandans’ constitutional rights to protest his paymaster Museveni’s brutal and murderous regime.

Clown Kambanda who fashioned himself as a legal mind amplifies CMI poorly crafted narrative that Ugandans were not allowed to protest Bobi Wine’s arrest. First and foremost Kambanda omits the fact that Bobi Wine’s arrest was illegal and unconstitutional. He’s a presidential candidate who was lawfully nominated by the country’s electoral body with all rights to campaign in any parts of the country where he deems it necessary.

The Ugandan constitution provides that Ugandans are allowed to protests and the same security forces which killed them are mandated to protect them as they carry out the protests. Kambanda dodges the fact that Ugandans laws prohibit any sorts of massacres which Museveni’s security forces openly committed claiming over 300 innocent lives.

Having been paid by CMI, the US-based RNC terror outfit agent twists Uganda’s current turmoil to blame it on the rioters whose rights were abused on his paymaster’s orders. Kambanda’s paymaster and his brainwashed forces remain answerable for the innocent lives lost and will soon be brought to book to account for their heinous crimes.

It’s even more saddening to hear someone who masquerades as a law expert like Kambanda defending and bragging about the violation of human rights, that shows how unethical Kambanda is. The professor of doom will do anything for money so long as he secures his monthly cheque from CMI.

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