Museveni’s panics and yet again invokes Rwanda as a scapegoat

The Ugandan regime sponsored sycophants led by Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence- CMI Belgium based pay per post Facebook agent Titus Seruga aka Serubwa are yet again peddling fabricated lies on alleged guns intercepted in Kenya supposedly en-route to Uganda.

CMI midget Seruga who credits Uganda’s intelligence agencies for infiltrating a sovereign country like Kenya shoots himself in the foot when he claims that guns would disappear after reaching Uganda. Even a layman will question how guns would disappear on the Ugandan territory even when the country has strong and skillful intelligence organs?

But the whole story is a false narrative created by Ugandan intelligence agencies which are currently overwhelmed by Bobi Wine’s pressure. The regime ruler finds himself in a tight corner since his vote-rigging tricks seem not to work out this time round which puts his re-election in jeopardy.

About the appointment of Rwanda’s new High Commissioner to Uganda, Ambassador Col Joseph Rutabana, Seruga, or his paymaster have completely failed to grasp the fact that Uganda doesn’t dictate Rwanda on who to appoint and not. If Rutabana was a spy agent than being a diplomat as Serubwa claims then Uganda would have denied his accreditation.

Museveni’s warning on foreign interference caught none with surprise, he’s known for blaming foreign states whenever he’s overwhelmed by his own created chaos. Besides this time round the regime ruler hinted out at homosexuals whom his government has been persecuting. If Museveni’s message was directed at Rwanda as the CMI lapdog Seruga claims, is Rwanda a country of homosexuals?

The panic-stricken Museveni was misled by his minions who undermined Bobi Wine’s strength by thinking that the youthful presidential hopeful only had supporters in Kampala and a small part of the Central region. Bobi proved his doubters wrong when he won the hearts of Ugandans from all walks of life including those in Museveni’s home turf in the Western region.

Museveni and his minions should learn to find solutions for their pressing problems. Dragging in Rwanda or any other foreign nation won’t hold. The Ugandans’ rising need for change is unstoppable as Kenya’s statesman Raila Amolo Odinga says during his BBI Report rallies ‘No one can stop Reggae” and absolutely neither Museveni nor his cartels will stop Ugandans from claiming their peace, freedom, and the country back.

Museveni’s incompetence should never be blamed on Rwanda; he should deal with his mess.

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