What about Rwandan lives destroyed by Rusesabagina’s sponsored terrorist militias?

Western-based friends and partners in crime of terrorist Paul Rusesabagina carry on their losing battle in defending a terrorist whose militia killed innocent unarmed civilians in cold blood, injured, abducted scores, and looted their belongings.

Among the Rwandaphobic who are trying to defend terrorist Rusesabagina include his children who don’t want their father tried for over 13 counts of terrorism-related crimes including arson, murder, and formation of an illegal armed group among others.

Their fatuous fantasy has been debunked enough on social media. They share roguish propaganda and nonsensical argument clinging to different labels that their father used to con the uninformed world with.

In their persistence to sabotage the trial of their terrorist father and friend, they omit the fact that Rusesabagina being the US or Belgian citizen or resident doesn’t offer him immunity to commit atrocities.

But what they haven’t confronted honestly is that there is vivid evidence showing how their father solemnly declared war on Rwanda and pledged unreserved support for his founded and sponsored FLN terror group. FLN has also been on spot over child soldier recruitment into its subversive activities against Rwanda.

The crushing reality is that beyond all of that, his FLN militia went on to kill Rwandans, destroying families, leaving children without their parents, and many others without their loved ones.

Terrorist Rusesabagina’s camp is made of selfish people who never valued the lives of innocent Rwandans lost in Nyungwe and Nyabimata attacks and the young children who were sent into the forest to fight for Rusesabagina’s lost cause. They don’t care about the grief Rusesabagina has imposed on many Rwandan families. That’s how low they have sunk.

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