RNC dull-witted troll Nuwamanya praises Kandiho, the tormentor of Rwandans

RNC-CMI deadbeat dad of four, Sulah Nuwamanya aka Wakabiligi is in overdrive mode to whitewash his terror outfit handler Abel Kandiho in efforts to keep his support in running the recently established RNC cadreship training centers in Kampala, and Bugorobi, Mpanga.

Remember the mentally unfit clown has been shuttling the whole of Uganda mainly in the Banyarwanda communities and refugee camps recruiting RNC fighters in their Uganda backed plot to destabilize Rwanda.

Sulah, who is shielded by RNC handler Kandiho in Mutongo safe house is left with no option other than showering his skinny assassin supervisor with praises. In his demented mind, Sulah thinks Kandiho will protect him forever.

The recent turn of events in the anti-Rwanda camp should serve as a warming to RNC terrorists and their paymaster Museveni, will soon rather than later pay the price for destabilizing Rwanda; they will die before realizing their envy and hate-driven dreams.

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