CMI troll Katureebe needs to learn the difference between a global president and an isolated bushman

The cancer-dying ruler of the Matooke republic tyrant Museveni has lost all his international political credentials to become an isolated President who is confined in the State House and his rural home clocking almost two years without an invitation to foreign functions.

President Kagame’s leadership capabilities have taken him to places where he’s been entrusted with big responsibilities of chairing international committees and sitting at the board of renowned global organizations.

The bedridden despot Museveni and his proxy dog Obed Katureebe-Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere should realize that President Kagame’s foreign trips are part of discharging his international duties as well as advocating for his country and the African continent at large. His trips have borne fruit, Rwanda registered huge investments from abroad owing to President Kagame’s concerted efforts to attract foreign investors into doing business in Rwanda and Africa.

The CMI loony troll Katureebe’s illogical rants about President Kagame’s foreign trips exhibits his level of ignorance, only incompetent leaders who have failed to grow from the guerilla life like Museveni and his minions think countries are led by isolating them from the rest of the world.

Lastly one wonders why would despot Museveni travel abroad? For what? When he has no single responsibility on international organizations, the failed leader is denied invitations to attend international functions just because he has no value to add to what other leaders discuss.

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