Rwanda’s accountability principles remain alien to despot Museveni

Uganda’s cancer dying Dictator Museveni deployed his Facebook attack dog Obed Katereebe- Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere to castigate the Rwandan leadership for enforcing its accountability policy.

Whereas Rwanda holds everybody answerable for his/her committed crimes, back in the Matoooke Republic it is a taboo to hold leaders accountable the corrupt hold leaders accountable right from the cancer-stricken Museveni’s family, his Bahima clique to the grassroot leaders .

The subject in question Daphrose Gahakwa, a former cabinet minister is being held on corruption and conflict of interest charges. On the contrary in Museveni’s Rwakitura Empire the frail ruler dines and wines with the cartels who have stolen national resources, grabbed wanainchi’s properties and wreaked havoc on Ugandans on grounds of being linked to the President.

The CMI bubblehead Katureebe won’t tell his guilible that their epileptic First Lady Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi is implicated in Makerere University’s UGx 8b scandal. Museveni’s wife Kataha connived with the University accountants to steal the money which led to torching the finance department building as a cover up to their financial looting.

The arm-rotting dictator Museveni and his in-law, Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa received USD 500,000 bribe each from Patrick Ho- a Hong Kong based investor. The scandal resulted into travel sanctions to Kutesa by the United States. For Museveni is only protected by his immunity as a president but the frail ruler won’t escape the international justice when his regime falls.

Museveni’s brother Salim Saleh, his Genetically Modified LDU General son Muhoozi Kainerugaba, his daughters and in-laws like Odrek Rwabwogo roam freely in a show of bravado and arrogance despite their involvement in corruption, money laundering, killings and all sorts of organized crimes.

Gen Elly Tumwine, Lt Gen Wilson Mbadi, Kahinda Otafiire, Mwesigwa Rukutana all have pending corruption cases that Museveni’s rotten judiciary fears to try.

CMI funded nincompoop and his bedridden paymaster Museveni have no moral authority to question Rwanda on matters to do with fighting corruption or governance. They should shift their focus to fixing their 35 years old shenanigans that have turned Ugandan into failed state.

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