CMI troll Katureebe projects his bedridden Museveni’s poor heath to the Rwandan leader

In the past, the dreadful health condition of the arm- rotting tyrant Yoseri Tikahaburwa Rutabasirwa Museveni has become more apparent to everyone. The goods news that Ugandans eagerly wait for is the announcement of his death. The CMI troll Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere is attempting to recycle President Kagame’s sickness narrative that died out right from its shaping.

The mentally deranged attack dog Katureebe will not tell the Bazukulu that his cancer-stricken paymaster Museveni is currently struggling with terminal prostate cancer. The troll carries on his distractions by taking the Bazukulu for a ride with the discredited childish propaganda questioning President Kagame’s indisputable good health.

It’s no secret that the pamper-wearing dictator Museveni is on the verge of meeting his creator. He’s dehydrated, cold; his arm and legs are decaying at a worrying speed and falling off causing to cancel attending functions. The doctors have, moreover, warned the frail ruler to avoid sunlight exposure that would result in the speedy spread of the cancer cells risking contaminating the whole body.

Given Museveni’s deteriorating condition, his epileptic wife Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi is busy conspiring with his confidants to kick his frail husband out of power as the situation in the Matooke republic is increasingly becoming untenable. Following the ongoing unrest, police, army brutality, rising public anger; the CMI nutty troll Katureebe has been instructed to reduce Museveni’s stress levels by feeding him fake intel on Rwanda. Only the gullible will buy his nonsensical claims that have failed to pass all basic accuracy tests.

Katureebe and Co should turn their worries to their cancer-dying dictator Museveni whose hands and legs are rotting due to electrotherapy and chemotherapy.

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