Rwanda’s prosecution move to try terrorist Rusesabagina with his accomplices irks despot Museveni

Museveni and his Facebook proxy dog Obed Katureebe- Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere whom he delegates to fight his failed political wars have developed cold feet following the Rwandan prosecution’s decision to merge their ally terrorist Rusesabagina’s case with Callixte Nsabimana, Herman Nsengimana, and other 16 FLN terrorists.

The arm-rotting dictator Museveni fears Rusesabagina, just like Callixte ‘Sankara, FDLR’s La Forge Fils Bazeye and Abega will spill more beans on his ill-conceived agenda to topple the Rwandan government.

The cancer dying tyrant Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s decades-long plot to destabilize Rwanda’s hard-earned peace has fallen flat, the recent arrest of his comrade in arms Rusesabagina has yet again rubbed salt in his wound.

The CMI nutty lapdog Katureebe’s interests in terrorist Rusesabagina’s trial proceedings and his agenda portray him as an innocent man is intended at concealing his Museveni backed malevolent scheme against the Rwandan leadership.

Katureebe’s demented mind forgot to remind the gullible that Rusesabagina’s blue-eyed boy Sankara revealed Uganda’s support in the recruitment, arming, and training of FLN militias in the South Kivu, DR Congo. The terrorist also used to represent Rusesabagina in the planning meetings with Museveni’s CMI officials.

While terrorist Rusesabagina is facing justice for his terroristic crimes in Rwanda’s impartial judiciary, thousands of Ugandans have been shot dead in broad daylight, poisoned, killed in staged car accidents, and tortured without reason. Those who committed those crimes have never been held to account including Museveni and his Bahima clique.

Although Uganda’s rotten judicial systems can’t try Museveni and his cabal of criminals, very soon the civic unrest which has been building up in the Matooke republic will erupt, and the pamper-wearing dictator Museveni with his minions will answer their charges from The Hague.

Museveni will have his day in the dock to answer the systematic killings, abuse of power, impunity, and corruption he has imposed on Ugandans in the last three dark decades.

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