Despot Museveni sponsors creation of new armed militia in Ituri

Ugandan regime ruler Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, through his proxy groups handler Maj Gen Abel Kandiho, is sponsoring the establishment of a new armed terror group in Ituri region in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to reliable sources, the new armed group whose name is yet to chosen will be led by Ibrahim Bamaraki, deputized by Kisembo Bitamara assisted by Kaswara Pele.

Bamaraki, formerly served as Hema ethnic group president, Kisembo Bitamara was his principal adviser and leader of the South based Bahema community while Kaswara Pele is a member of Hema cultural association known as ‘ENTE’. Museveni’s backed new terror outfit purportedly aims at defending Hema people who are being killed by Lendu ethnic group in Ituri.

On August 21, 2020 Bamaraki, Bitamara, Kaswara together with their Driver Ndukwa aka Brown travelled to Uganda for a pre-planned planning meeting with CMI head Kandiho whom Dictator Museveni had delegated to represent him.

Bamaraki and his comrades were lured by a Kandiho’s confidant to travel to Uganda to meet the high ranking officials in the country’s security apparatus. The officials were to help them in the establishment of their new terror group in Ituri.

The source intimated to our desk that a CMI official had told Bamaraki to raise USD 17,000 which would be used in the management and coordination of their meetings with Ugandan officials.

Bamaraki and his colleagues were caught flat-footed when CMI agents abducted them in Fortportal after and stole their money. Museveni’s Ituri guests were surprised by Maj Gen Kandiho’s change of tack yet he knew the motive behind their journey to Uganda.

The latest developments coming from Kampala indicate that Museveni ordered the release of Bamaraki and his colleagues but CMI refused to refund their $17,000.

CMI sponsored tabloid Command1Post run a misleading piece with intent to drag Rwanda in the ongoing armed conflict in Ituri region which is being fueled by Museveni.

CMI move to scapegoat Rwanda was intended at covering their paymaster Museveni’s tracks who has become a common denominator in destabilizing the Great Lakes region.

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