CMI mouthpiece Kambanda cries wolf as his fellow terrorist Rusesabagina faces the music

The damned, sex-for-grade professor Charles Kambanda is out of his mind, sharing furies on Facebook following the arrest and trial of terrorist Paul Rusesabagina whom he praised for killing innocent Rwandans.

Recently; It has become very clear that all anti- Rwandan campaigns have been led down on a ruining slippery slope, leaving people like the CMI funded professor of doom Kambanda feeling the heebie-jeebies that very soon they might end up finding themselves in Kigali to answer their heinous crimes against Rwandans.

The self-exiled pedophile Kambanda’s days are numbered too just like his fellow peddlers of the web of misinformation on Rwanda. Kambanda and co’s rumor-mongering campaigns have fallen flat. Only the gullible will buy their garbage. Their paymaster Museveni will soon reject them to focus on his unpalatable mess as 2021 general polls approach.

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