40 years down the line, Despot Museveni is yet to deliver justice to the families of slain FRONASA, NRA fighters, and politicians

Despot Museveni’s favorite Facebook attack dog Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere purports to care so much about Rwanda’s fallen hero Maj Gen Fred Gisa Rwigyema while back in the Matooke republic Ugandans are still nursing the woods of dictator Museveni’s 35 year-long reign of terror.

Museveni becomes very excited when it comes to meddling in internal matters of other countries but the same cancer-stricken dictator develops cold feet when he’s asked about his own bush war comrades he has killed for no reason.

Before CMI troll Katureebe slings mud at the Rwandan Head of State, he should ask Museveni about the mysterious deaths of his army commanders whom he deemed threats to his presidential ambitions and lifetime presidency before and after capturing power in 1986.

Ugandans still mourn their fierce fighters and gallant officer like Brig. Perino Okoya, the then commander of Second Infantry Brigade, Lt. Col. Michael Ondoga, once minister of Foreign Affairs. Recall Afande Ondonga was abducted and murdered by FRONASA agents led by Gen Kahinda Otafiire on orders of despot Museveni. His body was thrown into River Nile.

The paranoid Museveni who always sees his colleagues as political rivals went for Lt. Col. Sarapio Kakuhikire’s life; he was abducted and killed by FRONASA agents outside the main Kampala Post Office in order to discredit Idi Amin’s leadership.

Lt. Colonel John Ruhinda was shot dead on orders of the arm-rotting tyrant Museveni after he perceived him as threat to his ambitions. Lt. Col. Julius Aine was murdered by Museveni’s agents in a staged car accident in 1991.

Those who are conversant with the Kisangani battles know how UPDF’s Lt. Col. Jet Mwebaze was shot in the forehead in the DR Congo on orders of Salim Saleh sanctioned by despot Museveni. Afande Mwebaze questioned why Saleh and Muhoozi Kainerugaba were busy exporting beef to Congo and looting its minerals, instead of focusing on Uganda’s security interests.

The list is endless, for the CMI dullard agent Katureebe, before attacking the Rwandan President with his amplified political melodrama should first engage his arm-rotting paymaster on serving justice to the families of slain military officers and politicians he eliminated to quench his thirst for power.

Katureebe should focus on that and leave Rwanda’s hero alone.

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