Rwanda’s Prof Cotton is not Reyntjens or Prunier used by despot Museveni to destabilize Rwanda

The latest development in Rwanda that saw an experienced academician Professor Philip Cotton acquiring his Rwandese citizenship has raised eyebrows in the Matooke republic wondering why such kind of people prefers Rwanda over Uganda.

Uganda’s CMI funded troll Obed Katureebe, who hides behind its pseudo Facebook page Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, is hurling mud at the Rwandan expert to taint his image by labeling him a lobbyist of President Kagame.

The learned professor Cotton whom Katureebe calls a lobbyist has stayed in Rwanda, served as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Rwanda- UR for many years. His acquisition of Rwandese citizenship remains apolitical and has never been involved in any sort of politics.

But be it as it may, putting matters into perspective, if President Kagame uses lobbyists to develop his education sector how does despot Museveni use his? For beginners Museveni used western-based friends turned allies to plot against Rwanda and other countries.

Filip Reyntjens, a renowned Genocide denier, and apologist is part of tyrant Museveni’s cartels used in the ‘Destabilize Rwanda’ project by promoting his premature propaganda targeting Rwandan leaders.

Another confused white supremacist and France based anti-Rwanda agent on Museveni’s payroll is Gérard Prunier. It recently came to light that Prunier met Museveni’s brother Salim Saleh to plan a war against Rwanda. Museveni continues to use foreigner agents to conspire against the Rwanda government.

For the CMI attack dog Katureebe, Rwanda welcomes everyone with zeal to develop the country unlike Museveni’s foreign cartels used as tools to overthrow the neighboring governments.

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