CMI troll Katureebe obsessed with RPF meetings as NRM struggles with unpaid rent bills

Museveni’s favorite Facebook attack dog Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere is too much obsessed with Rwanda’s ruling party RPF.

All RPF meetings took place as planned, Katureebe’s postponement claims are best known to himself and his bedridden paymaster Yoseri Tikahaburwa.

RPF goes beyond being a political party, it is a family that caters for all Rwandans without discrimination. The party has done wonders with regards to development contrary to NRM’s 35 years of impunity, corruption, brutality and outright looting of national resources.

Katureebe intentionally omits to tell the Bazukulu about Museveni’s special purpose vehicle party NRM which has led Uganda for the 3 decades without an agenda.

While other political movements are coached on ideology, Museveni’s dysfunctional NRM was designed as political tool to serve the interests of Museveni and his Bahima clique.

None will believe that Museveni’s NRM still rents the premises where it’s headquartered after failure to build own infrastructure.

NRM’s honchos right from its Chairman Museveni have been emptying state coffers transacting millions of dollars to their offshores accounts.

Speaking of thievery in the NRM, the cancer-stricken ruler Museveni, his epileptic First Lady Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumb, the Genetically Modified LDU General Casanova First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the First Daughters, the in-laws Odrek Rwabwogo, Sam Kuteesa and Salim Saleh all have accounts in Switzerland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates.

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