Gen Kayihura, Tumukunde, Tinyefuza understand better the meaning of using and dumping

Museveni’s brainwashed puppet Obed Katureebe behind the CMI pseudo Facebook page Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere is at it again with his frenzied attacks against the Rwandan leadership. He does so to draw the Bazukulu’s attention to Rwandan matters as civil unrest breaks out in the Matooke republic.

Museveni and his minions should know that in the case involving Robert Nyamvumba, Javier Elizalde, a Spanish investor was the one to inform the relevant authority that the former attempted to solicit a Rwfs 7 billion worth bribe. In Rwanda’s functional judicial systems Nyamvumva was charged, convicted of corruption hence sentenced for 6 years in prison.

In total contrast with what happens in the Rwakitura empire where corrupt leaders and cartels steal national resources and roam around freely without accounting for their crimes.

The CMI dullard Katureebe forgets that the removal of Patrick Nyamvumba from office was a result of an ongoing investigation on matters of accountability, something which is nonexistent in the matooke republic of the cancer dying tyrant Museveni.

In fact; over the years, Katureebe’s paymaster Yoseri Tibuhaburwa Rutabasirwa has failed to adapt the Rwandan accountability principles and as a result Uganda continues to experience widespread poverty while corruption is endorsed by the ones who are supposed to be fighting it.

The bloodthirsty tyrant Museveni has reigned terror to his comrade in arms. Many served him loyally, but ended up being dumped or killed.

The CMI nutty agent Katureebe should tell the Bazukulu the real meaning of using and dumping. The arm-rotting Dictator Museveni used Gen Kale Kayihura in his shenanigans after securing a re-election he dumped and jailed him on trumped-up charges. Gen Kayihura has been jobless for the last 3 years now.

Lt Gen Tumukunde once despot Museveni’s righthand man, whom he used in killing his political rivals, was awarded with over 9 years in jail. He remains on Museveni’s watchlist ahead of 2021 polls.

Maj. Gen Kasirye Gwanga who also fought with Museveni was later killed after being dumped, Gen David Sejusa, Aronda Nyakairima, Mayombo, James Kazini, Col Ibrahim Abiriga, AIGP Felix Kawesi the list is endless, we’re all used, dumped and murdered.

That’s not all; the arm-rotting dictator Museveni went as far as killing young rights activists like Rita Nabukenya, Yasin Kawuma, Sweet Pepsi, Maria Nagirinya to mention but a feed.

Katureebe should redirect his tantrums to the diapers-wearing Museveni. Under his kleptocracy Ugandans are raged by the corruption, outright poverty, impunity, nepotism and security forces brutality which are widely seen in the soon falling regime of Tihaburwa Museveni.

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