CMI Funded Troll Obed Katureebe still fails to grasp that Rwanda has no sacred cows

The armchair teller of lies, Obed Katureebe, who hides behind The CMI funded Facebook page Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere continues to serve his arm-rotting paymaster Museveni by attempting to discredit Rwanda’s legendary accountability record.

In a Lawful state like Rwanda, none is above the law, every person is held liable for his mistakes regardless of tribe, families or political party as opposed to what happens in Despot Museveni’s Rwakiture Empire where the so-called historicals, especially the Bahima, are above the law. Katureebe should be telling the gullible Ugandans why a whole cabinet minister Mwesigwa Rukutana kills innocent Ugandans in broad daylight and goes unpunished.

Obviously, there’s no accountability among public officials in the nefarious regime of the cancer-stricken Yoseri Tibuhaburwa Rutabasirwa who has reigned over the Matooke republic; officials siphon every taxpayer’s money into the personal coffers of his and his Bahima cartels.

The thick-headed Katureebe himself benefits from the corrupt regime of the decrepit Dictator Museveni who continues to rule Uganda through bribery and terror, while his citizens languish in extreme poverty.

That being said; the CMI lamebrain agent, Katureebe, should know that no one is untouchable in Rwanda, accountability must take its course unlike in Uganda where Museveni’s allies die in offices without even serving the needs of the people or accounting for their crimes.

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