Toothless Tyrant Museveni and epileptic First Lady disagree on his succession, security chiefs divided

As Museveni increasingly becomes toothless in his own Matooke republic, the arm-rotting dictator has also increased his budget on anti-Rwanda online propaganda with the same intention to divert attention from the ongoing social unrest in Uganda.

By peddling lies about Rwanda, Museveni thinks Rwandans would buy his nonsense and revolt against their elected leadership. He has played the same tricks since 1995 but he keeps failing.

When Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere claims that the President has not been meeting the security chiefs, any sober mind wonders whether President Kagame has to inform Museveni or his minions whenever he’s holding discussions with his security and intelligence chiefs.

Katureebe’s posts have become drama scripts where people now go for laughter. Part of his comedy is his allegations that President Kagame disappeared when the Head of State just chaired a cabinet meeting at the State House.

Why would Despot Museveni be worried about President Kagame’s meeting or not meeting with his security chiefs? He eagerly wants to know Rwanda’s next move after the octogenarian failed to implement the Luanda MoU. He rather opted to increase his sponsorship to terror outfits RNC, FDLR, FLN bent on destabilizing Rwanda.

The CMI nincompoop Katureebe has failed to grasp that Rwanda is a step ahead in matters to do with security and intelligence. He’s only left with one option of feeding his cancer-stricken paymaster with fabricated lies (fake intel) to justify the millions of chilling spent on him which were moreover was stolen from Uganda’s COVID-19 Fund.

Katureebe will not tell Ugandans that the frail dictator Museveni no longer see eye to eye with his epileptic wife Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi following the disagreements on the ‘Muhoozi Project’.

The same paranoid Museveni no longer sleeps at State House after a plan to kill him was leaked. The epileptic First Lady of Rwakitura Kataha Mweisgwa wants to kill Museveni and his Genetically Modified LDU General Casanova Son to install her in-law Odrek Rwabwogo as the next president of Uganda.

The latest indicates that it is indeed Museveni who no longer convenes his divided security chiefs. His security and intelligence agencies have switched allegiance, some report to the epileptic First Lady Kataha Mwesigwa while others report to his drunko son Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

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