CMI Trolls Katureebe burns midnight candles whitewashing Museveni backed terrorist Rusesabagina

CMI funded Facebook troll Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere joins the terrorist Rusesabagia sanitization camp on orders of the arm-rotting dictator Museveni.

The troll omits the fact that whereas Rwanda treats high profile terrorists like Rusesabagina and Callixte Nsabimana humanely, despot Museveni prefers shooting dead suspected criminals even innocent Ugandans without cases have tested the wrath of his brutal rule.

Being a lawful country Rwanda is giving terrorist Rusesabagina a fair and transparent trial even when his victims are dead and others are nursing lifetime injuries. The Museveni backed terror outfit founder and leader was given the right to choose the counsel team of his and his family’s choice. Katureebe’s claim that Rusesabagina is represented by state lawyers is only for the gullible to believe.

But assuming Katureebe’s rants are logical, why didn’t Museveni arrest Gen Aronda, Kazini, Mukasa, Gwanga, Mayombo, AIGP Kawesi, ASP Kirumira and charge them in courts with state lawyers? His enthusiasm for blood could never allow him to do that, he had to kill them.

Back in the neighbor’s’ kitchen, the paranoid ruler of the Matooke republic is jailing opposition politicians and activists forcing them to support his 2012 re-election. Katureebe will not tell the gullible that the missing People Power diehard Moses Kibalama was abducted, tortured by Museveni’s brainwashed CMI&ISO agents. Museveni wants Kibalama to claim back his sold party- National Unity Party from Bobi Wine. The diapers-wearing dictator has vowed to remove Bobi Wine on the ballot paper by hood or crook, Kibalama is paying the price as a tool in this game plan.

Katureebe and his arm-rotting paymaster Museveni have no moral authority to comment on matters to do with the rule of law, if they had an iota of knowledge on human rights and constitutionalism Ugandans would top the World Happiness indexes year in year out.

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