Tyrant Museveni fears ‘Akalulu’ more than he fears death as once said by Matembe

Fear has gripped the entire Matooke republic as the arm-rotting dictator Museveni mounts a manhunt on the opposition politicians. Museveni’s political rivals are paying the price for exercising their constitutional rights to vie for leadership positions including the presidency.

Museveni’s Facebook mouthpiece Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere always divert Ugandans’ attention by redirecting their focus to his premature propaganda against Rwanda. Ugandans know their rights have been demeaned and violated since the cancer-stricken tyrant Museveni came to power.

Whereas the CMI nutty agent Katurebe peddles his disjointed inventions on Rwanda, it is now a matter of record that Museveni kills, abducts, and tortures whoever declares intentions to vie for presidency. Just recently his former spymaster Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde was abducted, tortured, and paraded handcuffed. Museveni’s brainwashed CMI&ISO agents raided his home for frustration. This proceeded treasonous charges that Museveni planted on Tumukunde.

People Power Movement/National Party Unity leader MP Robert Kyagulanyi has been arrested several times, had his business and political rallies banned after declaring his presidential ambitions come 2021. Moses Kibalama spent 3 weeks enduring brutal torture in CMI dungeons for having sold his party to Bobi Wine.

Many other opposition figures have tested the wrath of Museveni’s murderous regime including his own former medical doctor and FDC presidential candidate Col ‘Rtd’ Kizza Besigye. Uganda meets all criteria of an anarchy, the claimed democracy, freedom of speech and political space are only known to Museveni, Katureebe, and their gullible.

As once said by Miria Matembe if there is anyone who fears elections in this world is Museveni, the pamper-wearing despot Museveni turns read and starts stammering whenever someone else declares presidential ambitions. But will this Munyarwanda refugee rule Uganda forever?

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