Despot Museveni’s imminent death signals a bright future for the Bazukullu

Dear Bazukulu of the cancer-stricken dictator Museveni,

Museveni’s paid Facebook attack Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere is yet again reducing his panicky arm-rotting dictator Rutabasirwa Tikahaburwa’s stress levels by projecting his transgressions on Rwanda.

If one contextualizes the recent happenings in the Museveni regime, there are enough indicators that change is imminent in Uganda. NRM incumbents suffered big losses primaries elections, the succession battles going on between his family members, and the fact that Museveni’s allies including the army, police officers are crossing to Bobi Wine’s side mean business for those who understand the dynamics of African politics.

If the current events in the Matooke republic are anything to go by, then Museveni is going back to Rwakitura to look after his cows and goats that’s if he survives his worsening prostate cancer condition. There is an increased zeal in the Bazukulul to claim their country back from a Munyarwanda denying dictator and no one will stop Reggae this around.

The cancer-stricken dictator finds himself between a rock and a hard place; his plan to install his Genetically Modified LDU General Drunko son has been sabotaged by his epileptic wife Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi who’s fielding a different candidate.

The epileptic killer mother via his ‘Bahima Elite Squad’ wants to kill Muhoozi to pave way for her in-law Odrek Rwabwongo presidency. An inside source says she’s not worried about her ‘walking dead’ cancer-stricken husband because he no longer has control over both the army and government.

The latest irresolvable differences between paranoid Museveni and his epileptic wife Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi increase Ugandans’ probability to liberate themselves from a 35-year-old brutal, corrupt, nepotistic, and murderous regime of the Bahima dynasty.

Ugandans are gearing up for real peace, freedom, and rule of law, not the empty rhetorics peddled by Museveni’s lapdog Katureebe.

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