CMI troll Katureebe defines abduction, torture, and murder of Museveni’s political rivals as freedom in Uganda

Museveni’s Facebook attack dog Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere has yet again shot himself in the foot by praising his cancer-stricken paymaster Museveni on the so-called freedom and respect to human rights.

Only the gullible will believe Katureebe and his Munyarwanda denying dictator on their freedom and political space claims. Katureebe omits to tell his gullible that Moses Kibalama, a People Power diehard who sold his National Unity Party to Bobi Wine, was abducted, being tortured to claim back his party from Museveni’s top contender Kyagulanyi.

Kibalama is being persecuted on orders of Museveni who doesn’t want Bobi wine to appear on the ballot paper come 2021; of course, Museveni and everyone else know what would be the outcome of the elections.

The paranoid ruler of the Matooke republic should be the last person to claim freedom of speech or political space. Katureebe will not tell Ugandans how Museveni kills innocent Ugandans, opposition politicians, and activists he deemed threats to his lifetime presidency.

When Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde declared his presidential ambitions, despot Museveni came up with trumped-up charges, the next day CMI agents raided his home and arrested him. Former FDC presidential candidate and former Museveni’s personal doctor Col ‘Rtd’ Kizza Besigye aka Kifefe was arrested tortured and teargassed countless times.

Speaking of Katureebe’s peace and freedom in Uganda, Museveni’s special purpose vehicle party NRM’s primaries were marred by violence and vote-rigging. Reports indicate scores lost lives and others were critically injured. Another funny scenario is that the cancer-stricken dictator was the one declaring wins, losses and re-runs where he was not pleased with the results.

Persecution of opposition politicians, activists, and ordinary Ugandans is defined as peace and freedom in the eyes of the CMI dull-witted troll Katureebe and his arm-rotting dictator Museveni. SHAME.

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