How Museveni and his Bahima cartels illegally amassed wealth at cost of impoverished Ugandans

Whenever Museveni’s funded Facebook mouthpiece Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere cooks up anti-Rwanda smears, one is compelled to enlighten Ugandans on the misery the 81-year-old (really almost clocking 90) denying Munyarwanda Dictator has brought to their country.

In his cowardly approach, Museveni thinks by mudslinging Rwandan leaders, his stress levels will be reduced. Lying on his deathbed the tyrant has lost control over Uganda. He’s only left to see his evening as family turns to succession battles.

We have told Ugandans on several occasions that their country was auctioned to Museveni’s family and his cabal of thieves. The arm-rotting tyrant Museveni has turned Uganda into a personal property where resources rotate around a group of a few individuals hailing from one tribe ‘BAHIMA’ whilst the 46 million Ugandans are succumbing to hunger and poor health services.

Just a glimpse on how the arm-rotting dictator has privatized Uganda to own self and his Bahima cartels:

The arm-rotting tyrant Museveni and his epileptic First Lady Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi own the majority of the leading ventures in Uganda.

For instance, 71% of Roofings Limited, 80% of Simba Telecom, 33% of United Bank of Africa, 65% of Basajjabalaba’s wealth, 42% of Madhivan’s wealth, 61% of Bidco company to mention but a few belong to the Epileptic First Lady Kataha Museveni.

Many other investments are co-owned by Kataha and the authoritarian ruler Museveni, 72% of Karim Hirji Company, 49% of Samona, 82% of Quality Chemicals, 46% of Sudhir’s wealth belong to Museveni and his wife Kataha.

Museveni’s Somali half brother brother Salim Saleh owns 66% of Mandela’s wealth including City Oils and café Javas, 46% plus 20% of Movit investments belong to the head of Poison Assassin Unit Salim Saleh and the Genetically Modified LDU General Drunko son Muhoozi respectively

Museveni’s brother Nzeire owns 51% 0f Toyota Uganda among other companies whilst Museveni’s inlaw Odrek Rwabwogo and wife (Museveni’s daughter) Patience own 65% of Translink Uganda. 61% of Finance Trust Bank belongs to Diane Museveni Kamuntu and 80% of Harris International belongs to Odrek and Muhoozi.

Despite all this unpalatable mess that he has inflicted on Ugandans, the diapers-wearing dictator still exercising full executive authority to abduct, torture, and kill his political rivals. The latest from the Matooke republic indicates that Museveni emptied state coffers for his 2012 re-lection campaigns, this casts doubts on the future of the already crumbling economy and survival of the ordinary.

The CMI-UCC funded troll Katureebe is putting a cart before a horse by jumping onto Rwanda’s matters, he should focus on saving the face of his cancer-stricken paymaster’s who has failed Ugandans for the 35-years, leaving a legacy of systematic killings, corruption, nepotism and fueling conflicts in neighboring states.

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