CMI dimwitted troll Katureebe fears for his anti-Rwanda propaganda platform as Facebook appoints young Rwandan technocrat

As Fabrice Ndatira, a young IT Engineer celebrates his recent appointment at the Facebook-France office; Museveni’s funded Facebook mouthpiece Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere is politicizing his new job. Katureebe, who suffers from a guilty conscience, thinks his anti-Rwanda propaganda platform which he uses to insult and undermine the Rwandan leadership will be shutdown.

The CMI clown envies Rwandans for being appointed at global institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund-IMF, World Trade Organization-WTO, and UN agencies, he dodges the fact that they are there on merit having showcased their excellent competences on the global arena.

Katureebe should question his arm-rotting despot Museveni on why Ugandans miss out on such opportunities, the answer is simple all education, health, and other systems were broken by Museveni, the tyrant is only interested in looting the few resources that Uganda is left with.

The world know Museveni’s freedom of speech and political space, the CMI clown deceives Ugandans on freedom and human rights when cancer-stricken tyrant Museveni is killing, holding hostage opposition politicians and activists. For instance, People Power/NUP’s diehard Moses Kibalama is being held incommunicado, tortured, forced to ditch Bobi Wine, and cross to Museveni’s special purpose vehicle party NRM.

The same pampers-wearing dictator jailed Stella Nyanzi over trumped-up charges of cyber harassment against the president, this is what the mentally unfit troll Katureebe brands freedom of speech in the Matooke Republic.

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