Tyrant Museveni’s attack dog Katureebe suffers from a troubled conscience

Ugandan despot Museveni’s favorite Facebook attack dog Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere has run out of steam in his sponsored anti-Rwanda propaganda. He has resorted to throwing mud at Rwanda’s army officers to divert attention from tribalism scandals engulfing Museveni’s armed forces signaling an imminent military mutiny in Uganda.

The CMI dimwitted troll airs his frustrations on the arrest of Museveni ‘s ally Paul Rusesabagina by peddling the ‘kidnap’ collapsed narrative and blaming his arrest on Rwanda’s Directorate of Intelligence’s head Brig Gen Vincent Nyakarundi. Katureebe and fellow Museveni minions have failed to grasp the fact that their brother in arms brought himself to Rwanda and justice will soon take its course on crimes committed by the Ugandan backed terrorist.

The ruler of Matooke republic’s lapdog sanitizes Rusesabagina as a human rights activist just like other anti-Rwanda elements but for Katureebe, his intent to paint a picture that Museveni has been dealing with humanitarian. But Rusesabagina formed, headed, and sponsored a terror outfit whose core mission was to overthrown Rwanda’s elected leadership with of course Museveni’s support.

In Katureebe’s crocodile tears, he omits that Belgian Police questioned Rusesabagina and raided his home over his criminal acts of sponsoring anti-Rwanda terror groups. The culprit was grilled on funds transferred to FDLR and FLN militias both from his and his wife’s accounts through Western Union.

CMI’s nincompoop Katureebe attempts another failed ‘divisionism’ card that his arm-rotting paymaster Museveni has failed to achieve since 1995 of dividing the Rwandan army. Museveni who always wished to put Rwanda on her knees tried to persuade Rwandan soldiers to revolt against the Rwandan Patriotic Front’s leadership but his offer was categorically turned down.

As Katureebe rants on Facebook, Museveni’s UPDF and Police force are faced with tribalism scandals where all top positions both in the armed forces and intelligence agencies are awarded to people hailing from ‘Bahima’ tribe leaving out the other 39 tribes. Recently former Museveni’s personal doctor and presidential candidate Kizza Besigye let the cat out of the box on an imminent military takeover due to the cancer-stricken tyrant Museveni’s institutionalized tribalism, nepotism, and corruption in the forces.

Whereas Museveni funds anti-Rwanda smears, clandestine operations are underway to abduct, torture, and eliminate opposition figures who refused to join his special purpose vehicle party NRM. His skinny assassin Maj Gen Abel Kandiho is holding scores of opposition politicians and activists including National Unity Party-NUP’s Moses Kibalama who has been on gunpoint to denounce Bobi Wine. His family is crying for justice.

Speaking of who’s next on anti-Rwanda criminals, Katureebe should be placing his uncle Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, Museveni’s longtime puppet who is switching hideouts day and night in South Africa. This begs a question of why isn’t Museveni helping Nyamwasa to settle?

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